CMS, what is it?

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1. CMS, what is it?

CMS is an abbreviation for Content Management System – translated into English as editorial or publishing system. CMS describes a system for simple and fast management of website content, usually written in PHP using MySQL database.

It is usually a web application that allows you to create and manage website content. It also allows the creation of text fields, images and other media files and links. Thus, creation and editing is usually done through a web interface, where a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor is used for management.

2. Benefits

The advantage of this solution is often the virtually unlimited possibility of customizing the design and functions of the site to your exact requirements and needs, offering many advanced features and options for modifying the overall appearance. Another great advantage is the easy scalability through plugins, so it is relatively easy to extend the site with additional features. As for the look of the site itself, it is possible to use your own template or one of the many available pre-installed templates and then modify it using CSS. Thanks to the ease of use, it is also possible to modify the already defined design and the added files at any time without the need for extensive programming knowledge.

3. Disadvantages

Disadvantages may include site vulnerabilities that may be caused by plugins that are out of date or downloaded but not activated. These outdated plugins may contain a security risk that could allow malicious code to enter the site. Therefore, website security should definitely be one of your top priorities. Another disadvantage can be the load on the site if you install a large number of plugins combined with an unnecessarily large and extensive template.

4. The most used CMS

Nejpoužívanější CMS.

More than 450 million sites running on the WordPress content management system.

Join the myriad of satisfied users and have your website customized in this content management system.

When creating a website in the WordPress content management system, I make sure that by using the right template and setting up regular updates of the CMS and the plugins used, with the option of regular database backups, your website will be smooth and secure.