10x design with involuntary double meaning

approx. reading time: 2 mins

1. Kelly Selects

It is necessary to start lightly and so I have placed the design in the first place, in which you can find a double meaning probably only in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

2. Women Meet Literature

Don’t look for any extreme vulgarity in the second place either. It is a pretty nice design, but there is some double meaning to be found again.

3. Mama’s baking

It’s getting hot. This design is not missing in any similar list, so I was forced to add it here.

4. Junior Jazz Dance Classes

Now I don’t know if it’s just me who sees the double meaning before the priority intended point of this element.

5. Auto Master

A place where more than just your car will probably be taken care of.

6. Dough boys

Who knows what source this kind of dough comes from.

7. Dirty Bird

This uniqueness together with the name makes a really striking combination.

8. Sunrise Sushi

You must have seen this design before.

9. The Computer Doctors

The list is coming to an end and there is certainly room for this sign.

10. Kudawara Pharmacy

And then have confidence in the pharmaceutical companies that.

This is the end of my list and I hope that you were able to get enough inspiration here. If not, at least it hopefully put a hint of a smile on your face.